AB Drop In Replacement Panels

Written by Karen   
Thursday, 10 May 2012 14:08

Uticor's new range of ToughPanel Operator Interfaces provide options for drop in replacement models for Allen Bradley and GE Panels.

Swapping brands in the past consisted of a complete engineering overhaul of both the software and hardware. This is no longer true with Uticor's latest Toughpanels which are direct drop in replacements for the AB range of Panelview and Panelview Plus HMI as well as the GE Quickpanel and Proface GP series.

Panel cut-out and external dimensions are identical, input/output wiring is the same and programs can be converted with minimal cost and time. In additions Toughpanels have advanced features and a strong industrial pedigree including:

  • flash modules for program storage.
  • recipe and advanced alarm capabilities.
  • remote Netview and control.
  • data acquisition and storage.
  • super fast touch LCD screen touch response.
  • dual drivers.
  • online editing.
  • full network connectivity and many more features and benefits.
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