Upgraded Software For Operator Interfaces

Written by Karen   
Friday, 25 May 2012 15:38

UTICOR's brand new Tough Panel HMI operator interface software has been revised and updated and includes an even simpler, intuitive layout, with even more features and functionality than before. No training manual, no class room, self learn in less than 30 minutes!

Programming software

What is Project Simulation?

This feature allows you to simulate, interact, navigate and

debug an entire project right on your PC, before you transfer

it to the panel. To be precise, it ensures that your project

looks and operates exactly the same way you intended.

How to Interact with the Objects?

On the PC you will have to click on the objects, as you touch/

press them on the panel.

How to Test the functionality of the Objects?

By changing the tag values of the objects and view their

responses. Tag values can be changed either in the tag list

or in the separate


Distortion free sizing of objects

The uWin08 Programming Editor has a patent pending

feature that saves the programmer from having to

size a bitmap in another photo editing software,

and then bring it onto the screen. You can size an

object whichever way you want it within the uWin08

Programming Editor itself. It saves you the headache of

going back and forth between two software programs.


Now with Built-in Photo Editor at no extra cost!

The uWin 08 programming editor has raised the bar further in HMI software

by including an exclusive, advanced, patent pending, bitmap photo editor that

allows any bitmap being imported (such as from the 4000 symbols library) to

be edited almost like “Photoshop” within the uWin 08 Software itself.

It eliminates the need to :

1. Have “Photoshop” or “MSPaint” program installed on your computer

2. Bring the bitmap into “Photoshop”, edit it and then import it back to the

HMI program


Instant Syntax Checking

The uWin08 software is unique in that, it checks the address syntax of all

the PLCs and PLC Networks supported, before the address is allowed to be

entered. This feature saves a tremendous amount of time in implementing

an HMI PLC Project. You find you errors at the time of making the error

not when you are finished and saving or downloading the project.


Highlight unused Tags

The Tags in the uWin08 Software can easily be sorted by

name, by type and by PLC address. On top of that you

can high-light unused tags in yellow to make it simple

for the programmer to manage his/her project.


Import / Export of Tag Databases

uWin08 programming software allows both import and

export of tag database from and to an X-cel sheet. This

saves a tremendous amount of time when developing

PLC software using the same tag names.


Color Palette

With 128 available colors

for an object’s text,

background, label and

more, making an object

stand out or look as part of

an organized grouping or

category is easier than ever.




Password Protection

Allow only authorized users or certain groups

the appropriate level of access with password

protection, as shown above.


PLC Addressing

Type in the tagname and

then right click on the

name you just typed. This

will bring up the dialog

box to the right, to enter

the appropriate PLC

address string and data

type, which determines

how the object links to the PLC.


Nine Different Languages

With Toughpanel’s multiple

language capabilites, you can

now program the text for Panel

components in up to 9-different

languages. This means English

reading operators can work with the

panel in English, while the Spanish

proficient operators can work in

the Spanish language on the same

panel. Also, with up to 9 different languages, OEMs exporting

to other countries can develop programs to cover many of the

commonly used languages.


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