Industrial Displays

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Tuesday, 31 March 2009 19:52

Balmoral Technologies supply and support a range of industrial display units from heavy duty HMI & operator interfaces, to industrial computers, LED displays and PLCs.


The EZAutomation brand is built around low cost industrial grade units. The brand includes touch screen and panels, PLCs & LED display signs. They even have combination units such as the "TouchPLC" which combines a touch screen with a PLC resulting in a compact and cost effective solution. They also supply a range of micro touch screens including the Touch Panel Junior which has a small 3.5 - 4 inch display but again is very cost effective. They also have a range of ultra & high bright LED displays and outdoor readable displays.


The Uticor range is now releasing a brand new range of industrial grade, high quality HMI and LED signs. Known as the "Tough Panel" HMI and the "Smart Marquee"  these industrial display units have stainless steel bezels as standard, can talk to any network, include features like online programming and remote access and have full NEMA industrial ratings. These products are fully supported in Sydney and come with comprehensive warranties.

The Xycom range continues to specialise in robust and ruggedized industrial computers, PCs, nodes and flat panel LCD displays. With a range of heavy duty as well as light duty options, these computers and displays have an enviable reputation in the industrial world. The LCD touch monitors also come with high bright outdoor readable options.

The Autotech brand specialises in the niche market of programmable limit switches, transducers, decoders, encoders and resolvers. They have even pioneered the combination of a touch screen with a programmable limit switch dubbed the TouchPLS.

 Finally, the VME brand, the originator of PC-based VME CPU modules, has been providing embedded solutions for over three decades to industry, military and other miche markets.