Industrial Environments Challenge the Automation & Control Industry

Written by Karen   
Wednesday, 12 September 2012 12:32

While the commercial IT industry is littered with start-up brands and companies, many with low-cost products originating from china and other countries with cheap labour sources, the Industrial Automation market is a different breed.



Automation control is no simple task and hardware utilised must be robust and reliable while still offering the latest features. With more demanding environments and more at stake, it is often companies with established reputations for quality that flourish as customers come to rely on these trusted brands. One such brand is Uticor. With well over 30 years in the industrial control market and helping pioneer the PLC, Uticor have built a reputation around reliability, quality and robust units. Offering an array of HMI, touch screens, LED signs and displays and now industrial computers, Uticor strikes a rare balance on great price, high quality and reliable equipment.

The release of Uticor's new line, the new Tough Panels and Smart Marquee series, is the latest, in a long line of feature rich products. The new range boasts feature sets such as:

  • Full network connectivity including Ethernet, Devicenet, Modbus Plus, Profibus etc.
  • Full remote access and control using IP technology.
  • Online editing for "on the fly changes".
  • Full industrial and NEMA ratings.
  • High bright and outdoor readable displays.Choice of TFT or STN LCD's
  • Uniform LED's with burn in.
  • New stainless steel bezels as standard.
  • Comprehensive warranty supported locally by Balmoral Technologies with full on-site workshop facilities in Sydney Australia.

For further information on Uticor's latest line of touch panels and LED displays, please email or call. Contact details found in the "contact us" menu.

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