New HMI with remote monitor & control

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Monday, 10 May 2010 13:44

Up until the introduction of Tough panels, in order to implement a SCADA system, you needed PC workstations that can provide an HMI with Graphics, Animation, Data Acquisition/Storage, Trends & Graphs, Management of Alarms; Recipes; Databases & Screens, Scripting, Computational Logic, Maths and Access to Remote Servers. Not only do these devices need Windows and hard disks, they are expensive. Tough panels can do all this and more at a fraction of cost!

tough panel

Monitor & Control entire Plant Remotely


Net Plant View software allows plant layout to be imported on to the screen, then you superimpose Toughpanels on top. The screen gives you a birds eye-view of the plant with key parameters and colour codes. Then you can drill down into any station using NetView and Control.

Real-time Remote Monitor and Control over Internet/Intranet or Modem

Literally hundreds of operator/maintenance friendly features. 3D operator controls, 4000 symbol library, Bitmap buttons, Scroll list selector, On-Line Editing, Real-time animation, On-screen recipe edit, Multiple Languages, Advanced Recipe and Alarm management, Data Acquisition and Storage, Maths Logic/Multi Function Object, Trend Graph, scripting, Remote Monitor and Control, Statistical Process Control, Training Videos, PDF Reader, Simple Import/Export to Excel.

Smart Marquee with the Intelligence of an HMI and built-in communication drivers

It is a well established fact that adding Visual impact on your factory floor increases the productivity of the plant. However if you have ever implemented an LED message display or AND-ON system in your plant, for example using Inview Marquees from Rockwell, you know that you have to re-write a substantial part of PLC ladder logic to create messages, embed variables in them and trigger at the appropriate time. With the introduction of Uticor’s Tough SmartMarquee, you no longer have to do all this! SmartMarquee simply reads PLC tags, does all the calculations, comparisons and displays appropriate messages stored inside the Marquee itself. Programming the messages is a snap using windows drop-down menus and prompts.

Tough Construction, NEMA 4X Class I Div II, -20° to 60° C
(NEMA 12 or NEMA 4X Class I Div II, Stainless Steel, -20° to 60° C ambient, Outdoor readable and conformal coated)

Best Looking Display (Full 5x7 pixel characters, No cheating to 5x5)

(Scrolling, Blinking, Mixed size international characters, visible up to 800 ft., Matched and current controlled LEDs and Full 5x7 Dotmatrix display)

smart marquee


Wide variety of Models from 2Lx10 to 8Lx80 characters
(20 Models RED or TRI-COLOR from 2 Lines of 10 Characters to 8 Lines of 80 Characters)
Remote Monitoring and Control of Messages (Ethernet, Internet, Intranet or Modem)

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