New Smart Marquee LED Signs

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Monday, 15 June 2009 21:50

Uticor release a new line of industrial heavy duty, Smart Marquees boasting more features at more competitive prices...


Message Database

With Tough SmartMarquee, messages displayed can

be Stationary, Scrolling or Blinking based on the

embedded codes in an ASCII string. These messages

along with their display characteristics are stored

inside the Tough SmartMarquee. The number of

messages stored are practically unlimited. Messages

can be imported from and exported to an Excel

spread sheet

led displays

Connects to most Major PLCs & Networks

Uticor Tough Master Marquees connect to Allen Bradley, Modicon,

Siemens, Mitsubishi, DH+, Profibus, etc. Essentially all drivers

serial as well as Network that are available on Toughpanels are also

incorporated into master Tough SmartMarquees.

Alarms & Alarm Database

Tough SmartMarquees offer a sophisticated Alarm

system. It allows you to monitor events (bits), and

values (registers). The values can be monitored for a

variety of conditions (=, >, <, in/out of range). The

alarms can be selectively displayed, printed and/or

logged. The alarms are also stored in a separate alarm

database which can also be imported from or exported

to Excel spread sheet.


Buttons, Overlapping Objects

Master Tough SmartMarquees offer a sophisticated control,

called the Multi-function Object. As the name implies,

this Object allows you to perform multiple functions,

including Mathematical and Logical operations on PLC

data. For example, you can set/reset multiple bits & transfer

constants or variables or expressions to tags.

Remarkably, this Benefit allows a user to perform up to 20 operations

with one Object. Master Tough SmartMarquee also allows you to

perform these Multiple functions under the PLC control a very

useful feature to offload mathematical & logical computations from

the ladder logic to the Marquee.


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