Operator Interface Peer Networking

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Monday, 22 June 2009 13:47

A new approach to automation control utilising the latest technology, ethernet networking and a range of low cost industrial hardened HMI touch screens and PLCs.

The advantage of this new control system layout of “Peer Control” rather than traditional master slave relationships, allows for reduced risk of the control system going down by not relying on just any one component to maintain overall sysem integrity.

EZ panel HMI PLC


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The system uses an “EZ” protocol over ethernet to achieve a complete peer network relationship. All HMI units or operator interfaces can display any or all information about the system status and control any point in any of the PLCs. In addition to these advantages, the “EZ” system allows by addition of a Remote Monitoring Card, complete access and control of the system via the internet from any remote point in the world.

All these advanced system features are included in our EZAutomation low cost range of industrial operator interfaces and PLCs with no expensive software to purchase.

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