Tough SmartMarquees

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Thursday, 05 April 2012 14:09

Uticor Marquees are known for their high quality, uniformly bright LEDS, connectivity to major PLC networks and robustness.



Tough SmartMarquees have an exclusive unique feature that allows you to remotely monitor, control messages over the internet/intranet half way across the world without leaving your desk. You can view and control Marquee messages over the internet from your PC as if your PC was directly connected to the Marquee on the factory floor.  With this unique innovative feature you can get as creative as you want. You can for example; convey work schedules, send operator instructions, monitor production data & monitor quality data.

Uticor's Outdoor Tough SmartMarquees can display messages readable from hundreds of feet away even under bright light conditions. Uticor outdoor Marquees have been applied with a wide variety of outdoor applications in Quarries, Mines, Cement Plants and Steel Mills. The electronics inside the Tough SmartMarquee is designed to operate reliably under extreme temperature of -20° C to 60° C. In addition the LED sign is housed in a durable enclosure that can withstand rain, sleet and snow.

Marquee configurations are as follows;

MASTER MARQUEES store user-programmed messages, have PLC interfaces & initiate communications with PLCs to monitor various PLC registers.

SLAVE MARQUEES Do not store message & do not initiate communications with other intelligent devices such as PLCs, they display characters received on their serial port. The slave marquees are typically driven by another Master marquee, PC or message controller.

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