ToughMarquee Smart Box Message Controller

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Chapter 2 layouts further information and details on Uticor's "Smart Box" message controller for it's range of Industrial LED Displays.



The Message Controller can be connected to a single Slave Marquee serially (using a Marquee Communication Cable: UT-CBL2) or multiple Marquees (using a RS-232 to 485 converter).

You can also communicate via Ethernet (Cat5 cable).

Smart Box 1

For Serial Communication
The COM1 Port on the Message controller is
also used to connect to the serial port of any
Uticor Slave Marquee that supports PMD mode.
Use an RS-232 cable with standard 9-pin
connector on one (Message Controller) end and
the other end un-terminated (3 stripped wires
(P/N: UT-CBL2) to connect the Marquee Port to
the Communication Screw Terminals on the
Slave Marquee. Since this port does not
support RS-485 connection, you may connect
the Message controller to multiple Slave
Marquees using a RS232 to RS485 Converter.

Smart Box Graph

For Ethernet Communication
The Message Controller has an RJ-45 port for Ethernet communication. You may
connect this port to the RJ-45 port on the Slave Marquee using a commercially
available Cat5 cable.
Each slave Marquee on the Network should have a unique IP address to be able to
communicate with the Message Controller.

You can serially connect the PLC Port on the Message Controller to the PLC‘s COM
Port using appropriate communication cables. Refer to Section 4.2 for PLC Serial
Interface Cable part numbers.
The Message Controller may also be connected to the PLC via Ethernet, as long as
the PLC supports Ethernet drivers.

Smart Box 2

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