Uniform LED Display

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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 17:10

EZ Marquees, display and signs are known for their Uniform brightness.

Brightness of the EZ Marquees remains the same over a period of time whereas our competitors Marquee's brightness decreases and some of the LEDs will wear out.
The luminous intensity of an LED depends upon the current going through it. It is also a known fact that the luminous intensity degrades over a period of time. If the current flowing through each one of the 3840 LEDs in the competitor’s marquee shown to the right varies even as much as 10% and the luminous intensity differs even as much as 20%, the result would be a sign that will look great when first installed but would need replacement within a few years because some of the LEDs would be dimmer than others or simply burnt out.
In order to avoid this dilemma and have the marquee look as good as when first installed, (remember Uticor’s reputation in marquees is simply legendary) EZAutomation marquees accomplish this by:
1. Using Matched Luminous Intensity LEDs
2. Carefully controlling the current through each LED
3. Reduce switching current losses to almost nothing
4. Use very efficient, 95% plus, switching power supplies
5. Perform a 24-hour burn-in test under power to weed out
marginal LEDs

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