Uticor's PowerPanel series has built an enviable reputation around a rugged design combined with an enviable feature range.

With a large world-wide installed base, Uticor are committed to supporting their legacy range of operator panels. When replacing existing units in the field, sometimes it is more cost effective to simply swap out the existing unit for a new version of the same model to save on costly engineering time. This can often involve software re-programming, panel/hardware modifications and fabrication, trouble shooting and integration which can all add up.




Easy to use software...

One of the PowerPanels key features is its easy to use programming software.  The program has several convenience features built-in, that will save you screen design time. The PLC addressing uses tag names, so that you can associate meaningful, easy-to-remember names to the addresses. Additionally tags are useful if you use different PLCs with the same HMI program. You will need to design a HMI program only once, and just change the Tag definitions to match the PLC you have to use - a time-saving feature.

Advanced features...

Despite the softwares "ease of use" the PowerPanel series have a complex array of features and options. With components such as Analog meters, PID Faceplate, Bar Graphs, Trend Graphs, Alarms, Recipe, Radio Buttons, Thumb wheel, a variety of switches, and a rich library of bitmaps. In addition there is a selection of 128 rich colours for all these components. Each colour can be selected to blink to create components that would draw an operator's attention.





Features include:

  • Free Easy as 1-2-3 Programming Software

  • Advanced Prebuilt Panel Components

  • Line Graph, Trending, and Alarm History

  • Built-in Symbol Factory of our 2000 Symbols

  • Flash Card for Program Storage

  • Ethernet Connectivity

  • Serial Drivers for Almost All PLCs

  • Network Options for DH+, Remote I/O, Modbus +, CC Link, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Profibus, and others.

  • NEMA 4 HousingAD

  • Unique "On-Line" Programming

  • Fastest Response to Touch input

  • Multiple Languages

  • Multi-State Indicators, Bitmap Buttons, and Overlapping Object

power panel

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